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Rug Cleaning

Whether you have a standard area rug or a antique oriental rug, call today for Santa Ana rug cleaning service.

Rug Cleaning in Santa Ana

Rug Cleaning Service

Santa Ana rug cleaning services are here to help you out today! We offer same-day scheduling and professional cleaning services that can get everything cleaned in no time! Don’t just try to learn to live with your dirty rug – instead, give us a call, and we can get everything fresh again for you!

Rugs have different needs that change depending on the rug’s fragility and whether or not it can handle a rigorous cleaning. Some ignorant cleaners without the proper cleaning knowledge may try steam cleaning a delicate ornate rug and ruin the dyes and fibers. At United Carpet Cleaning, we have different techniques to match your changing needs.

Steam Rug Cleaning In Santa Ana

Steam cleaning machines use water pressure and chemicals to remove deep-set grime inside your rug fibers. These soils are dissolved or forced out and brought to the surface, where they’re sucked up by the steam cleaning machine. This is a very effective way to eliminate filth inside your rug and our Santa Ana rug cleaning technicians are well-versed in this technique.

Unfortunately, it’s also a very effective way to eliminate dyes and fibers for some rugs. This process is, by design, rough, as it’s tough on dirt. Some rugs are too fragile for steam cleaning, however. Others also can’t wait to dry after this water-intensive cleaning method. That’s where dry cleaning comes in.

Dry Rug Cleaning In Santa Ana

The dry cleaning process is not actually entirely dry. It’s just not as water-heavy as steam cleaning. Dry cleaning uses chemical powders or shampoos that must be scrubbed into the rug and left to sit for a little while. These chemicals react with and dissolve soils, bringing everything to the surface to be vacuumed later.

Dry cleaning may be an effective alternative to steam cleaning, but it can be too much for some rugs. The scrubbing process is sometimes enough to damage particularly fragile fibers. In those cases, other methods must be used by our Santa Ana rug cleaning technicians. But don’t worry, because cleanliness is still achievable.

Delicate Rug Cleaning In Santa Ana

If your rug is too delicate to handle typical cleaning methods, it will be taken to a cleaning facility. There, it can be looked at by experts. If our technicians determine it’s necessary, they will move your rug offsite and have it cleaned there.

Your rugs are precious, and we will ensure they get the care they need. Special attention is the best way to get these particularly fragile rugs cleaned. Now, you don’t need to worry about damaging your heirloom when you try to scrub away a stain. Leave it to professionals. Hire our Santa Ana rug cleaning services today.


What is the best rug cleaning method?

The best method is steam cleaning. However, not all rugs can handle this, and some need more delicate cleaning methods. Our Santa Ana rug cleaning professionals know how best to handle rug cleaning.

How can I clean my area rug myself?

If you own a steam cleaning machine, that’s a great way to clean an area rug. You can also use carpet cleaning solutions. Make sure you test them on a small section first to ensure they don’t cause damage.

Can I steam clean a rug?

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean a rug. However, some can get damaged by steam cleaning machines, so be careful. Our Santa Ana rug cleaning technicians can do this for you.

Can you shampoo an area rug?

Shampooing a rug is a fantastic alternative to steam cleaning. Carpet shampoo can clean way better than simple vacuuming.

Can a wool rug be dry cleaned?

Wool can sometimes be too fragile to handle steam cleaning. In those cases, dry cleaning is a great alternative.

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