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Mattress Cleaning

With mattress cleaning in Santa Ana, you can be sleeping better tonight on a nice clean bed.

Mattress Cleaning In Santa Ana

Mattress Cleaning Service

No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, your mattress will always get dirty through constant use. You should have the whole thing regularly cleaned, or the gunk buildup will eventually become too much. Ultimately, skipping on mattress cleaning is something you can’t afford to do.

United Carpet Cleaning in Santa Ana has your back if you need to get your mattress cleaned. Our cleaning technicians are trained to give you the cleaning you need as efficiently as possible. And you do need to clean your mattress. Without hiring a Santa Ana mattress cleaning service, some nasty stuff can start to build inside.

One Day of No Cleaning

Of course, you won’t get a Santa Ana mattress cleaning done on a brand new mattress. That would be excessive. That being said, day one is where everything begins.

After only one day, it’ll start to be full of the oils and skin flakes shedding off your body at all times. Most of it will be collected by your bed sheets. But little by little, some of it is working its way into the mattress.

The oils are seeping into the fibers and causing them to become discolored. The skin flakes draw dust mites and bacteria that feed off this organic material. These microorganisms will only grow in number over time, especially as you continue to provide them a food source.

One Year of No Cleaning

You should get a Santa Ana mattress cleaning done at least once a year, so let’s see what your mattress looks like after that year has passed.

Now there should be a decent buildup of microorganisms living inside your bed. If you don’t take care of it soon, it can easily affect your breathing quality.

The oils have probably been combined with the rarer gritty particles you may have picked up outside. As you toss and turn at night, these tear up your mattress fibers. In general, it looks like you need to hire a Santa Ana mattress cleaning professional soon.

Ten Years of No Cleaning

What if you just never get that Santa Ana mattress cleaning done? What happens after many years of not cleaning your mattress but using it regularly?

At this point, your mattress is probably full of wear and tear from the years of sleeping on it. It’s also thoroughly yellowed from the oils. There are so many bacteria in there that it’s not safe to sleep on anymore.

Now that you understand messes and how they develop, don’t let this happen to your mattress. Call us and get a mattress cleaning in Santa Ana today.


How do you clean a mattress properly?

To properly clean a mattress, you need to perform deep cleaning. Our Santa Ana mattress cleaning technicians can do this expertly.

Does steam cleaning work on mattresses?

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean a mattress. However, you should do it long before bed, as it’ll take a few hours to dry.

Should you clean your mattress regularly?

Your mattress should be deep cleaned at least once a year.

What are the yellow stains on my mattress?

Many different materials can cause yellow stains, but the most common is a buildup of skin oils and sweat. Our mattress cleaning in Santa Ana can help eliminate those for you.

Is mattress vacuuming necessary?

You should clean your mattress in some capacity once in a while. Our Santa Ana mattress cleaning technicians can perform a deep cleaning so that you don’t have to vacuum your mattress.

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