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How To Take Care Of Velvet Furniture

Posted on October 28, 2022

Velvet is a beautiful material, but if you want that beauty to last, you must take proper care of it. And many people believe velvet is too high-maintenance, and this care process isn’t worth the trouble.

The good news is taking proper care of velvet is not that hard. You just need to stay on top of regular cleanings and keep a few things in mind. With these methods, you can avoid needing upholstery cleaning services as frequently as your peers.

Vacuum Regularly

If you own any kind of velvet furniture, you should vacuum it at least once a week. Your vacuum will pick up microscopic grime inside your Santa Ana home’s furniture that you can’t see but nevertheless leaves an impact.

Vacuums are great at removing fiber-damaging abrasive particles, dust mites, and bacteria. It can also remove skin flakes and food particles that draw dust mites, bacteria, and other nasty organisms. Ensure your vacuum isn’t too strong and won’t damage the velvet.

Brush Regularly

Weekly brushing can help improve the beauty of your Santa Ana home’s velvet furniture. How the fabric sits and parts can change the look of the upholstery, so if you want it to look great, brush it regularly. Brushing is a fantastic way for the upholstery to look uniform and clean. It’s also a great idea if someone is visiting your Santa Ana home and you want your velvet furniture to look nice fast.

Clean Spills Immediately

If you spill anything on your velvet, it’s best to get it as soon as possible before it soaks into the velvet fibers. This will stop you from getting many tough stains that may be hard to deal with later down the road.

When cleaning, always blot with a clean cloth, and never rub. Pick up whatever’s causing the stain without spreading it around and making things worse.

Find A Safe Cleaning Solution

If you didn’t quite get a stain in time and ended up gaining a new mark on your furniture, you can find a safe cleaning solution to remove the stain. It’s always best to spot-test before trying any new cleaning solution and go for the more gentle varieties.

One great way to clean velvet furniture is to mix dish washing liquid in water. Don’t overdo the water, as you may gain a new stain, but a gentle application of this solution may pick up your mess.

Keep The Furniture Away From Sunlight

If your Santa Ana home’s velvet furniture is in the sun for any extended period, it will start to lose its color. Remember that the sun changes position over the year, so you might need to start drawing curtains or moving furniture when you previously didn’t have to.

Steam Regularly

To prevent velvet compression, get your velvet furniture steam cleaned. This will lift the fibers and make them appear soft and luxurious again. Not to mention that it’ll remove deep-set grime and stains.

Make sure your steamer is at a low setting, or call for Santa Ana carpet cleaning to do it for you. Also, check if your furniture has a W on the tag and can handle streaming.

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