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5 Upholstery Cleaning Emergencies You Should Never Ignore

Posted on July 29, 2022

Some cleaning can wait. But sometimes it can’t. When it comes to upholstery stains, there are certain instances where you need to take immediate action to get the best results with your cleaning. And if you end up needing professional help, be sure to call an upholstery cleaning service.

1. Pet Stains

Everyone understands that a pet using your furniture as a toilet is an emergency. Chances are you react in real-time or as soon as you notice what is happening. Do not try to get away with turning the cushion over like it was a sitcom or think that all it needs to do is dry.

Because humans are very sensitive to these odors, you likely have done a bit of cleaning before you would deign to call out for upholstery cleaning in Santa Ana. But even if you have cleaned up the smell for yourself, other animals can often still pick up the odor. This signals that your upholstery is in fact an area that should be stained regularly.

2. Spilled Drinks

Spilling water is not really a concern for upholstery, but any liquid that is colored or dyed can create a big cleaning dilemma. A good rule is that if it stains your teeth over time, it will stain upholstery immediately. This means that wine, dark sodas, and coffee are the most troubling.

You may be able to lift a lot of the moisture out by dabbing without scrubbing, but you still need to address the coloring that will likely create dark spots or spotting on your upholstery. If you do not take near-immediate action, the stains can get significantly worse and become much harder to clean.

3. Paint Drips

There are not many instances where people are painting around furniture, but it does come up during home renovations and crafts projects that have gotten out of hand. As a petroleum byproduct, paint can be disastrous for fabric doing more than just staining.

If you are reading up on how to remove paint from upholstery, you are going to see words and descriptions of the process that give away the fact that it is more of an art than a science. You do not want to over-stress the fabric or disturb the paint to the point where you are spreading it along a larger swath of the upholstery’s surface.

4. Oil Deposits

We are not talking about the couch on the Deepwater Horizon. In the case of most upholstery cleaning energies, an oil or oily deposit is going to be the result of dropped food. Very commonly, pizza will leave a very spreadable watery oil that gets on hands, so it may not even be the result of a drip or fallen slice.

Food oil can be very difficult to get out of upholstery. And you may find that rubbing it with a washcloth only serves to spread the satin around. In these cases, it is best to call a professional Santa Ana upholstery cleaning service near you.

5. Blood Stains

Blood is notoriously difficult to get out of fabric, and upholstery is no exception. Because it is dark and dries even darker, these stains can be very noticeable. That is one of the main reasons you should act as soon as possible to minimize the staying power of the stain.

If you are thinking of using the hydrogen peroxide trick, please consider whether or not the material is color-safe with this chemical. You may end up doing more damage to your upholstery if you do not have the oversight of an expert upholstery cleaning technician.

In Closing

For any of these serious upholstery cleaning emergencies, it would behoove you to contact a cleaning company that has same-day appointments. If you are in or near the Santa Ana area, United Carpet Cleaning can come to you and sort out your upholstery cleaning for you.

Don’t delay and let that stain set for one more moment than it has to. Get the upholstery cleaning you need right away.

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